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The purpose of this webpage is to give visitors an idea of the types of cases Mr. Doskey has successfully handled. Everyone’s disability case is different, and you should not necessarily expect the same outcome for your case based only on these examples.

Two Successful Appeals of Denials by Liberty Mutual for Client Disabled by Multiple Sclerosis

Edward Doskey twice appealed Liberty Mutual’s denials of long-term disability benefits for a client disabled by multiple sclerosis. The appeals resulted in payments of past-due benefits totaling $32,936.00 for a claim with an estimated total value of more than $350,000.00.

Dearborn National Reverses its Denial of Short-term Disability Benefits for Client Disabled Due to Herniated Lumbar Disc

Mr. H. was a manual laborer rendered disabled by a herniate lumbar disc. Despite medical documentation supporting his disability, including a positive MRI, Dearborn National denied short-term disability benefits. Mr. Doskey undertook representation of Mr. H. and Dearborn reversed its denial, paying more than $10,000.00 in past-due disability benefits, and initiating payment of future benefits of $1680.00 per month.

MetLife Overturns Denial of Long-Term Disability Benefits for Disabled Employee with Multiple Sclerosis in Case Worth More than $380,000.00

MetLife denied the claim of a sedentary office worker disabled by multiple sclerosis. MetLife alleged there was insufficient medical documentation to support Ms. D’s disability. Mr. Doskey gathered all the medical documentation from six treating doctors and successfully appealed the denial, resulting in payment of past-due benefits in excess of $38,000.00 plus payment of continued monthly benefits.

Ed Doskey Successfully Appeals Two Denials of LTD Benefits From Lincoln Financial for Client Disabled by Crohn’s Disease

Despite being unable to work due to debilitating pain caused by active Crohn’s disease, Lincoln Financial twice terminated benefits for this client. Both times, Mr. Doskey put together appeals for his client persuading Lincoln Financial to reverse its denials of LTD benefits.

Cigna Reverses Denial of Long-Term Disability Benefits With Estimated Total Value In Excess of $600,000.00. 

Mr. R was a business executive disabled by myeloma, peripheral neuropathy and severe sleep apnea. Despite medical documentation to the contrary, Cigna denied his claim for LTD benefits. After the appeal filed by Mr. Doskey, Cigna capitulated, paid past due benefits of $70,000.00 and began monthly payments of $10,000.00, the maximum payable under the disability policy.

Lincoln Financial Reverses Denial of LTD Benefits for 64 Year Old Banking Manager Disabled by Chronic Pain Due To Multiple Back and Neck Surgeries

In his appeal, Mr. Doskey argued that Lincoln Financial failed to consider the debilitating effects chronic pain had on his client. Faced with the medical evidence obtained by Mr. Doskey, Lincoln Financial reversed its denial and paid past-due benefits in excess of $49,000.00 and initiated payment of monthly benefits.

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When I first began to practice law, Ed Doskey took the time to teach me some of what he knows. In my years of experience in the legal field, I have never met anyone more knowledgeable nor anyone with as much compassion for his clients. It would take an entire lifetime to learn everything that this person has to teach. A zealous advocate, a scholar, and a talented New Orleans musician. By hiring Ed Doskey, you will be hiring the best person to represent and protect your interests.

John S.

He is a wonderful, knowledgeable, caring attorney. He did an outstanding job representing me in dealing with a major corporation. I recommend him to anyone who needs his services.

Sandy M.

Mr. Doskey did an outstanding job of representing me during my disability mediation. He took charge and handled every aspect when I needed help the most and won me a full judgment. His hard work and sharp abilities as well as his client care was phenomenal. I will always recommend Mr Doskey to those in need.

Jill S.

We were fighting with disability for months and kept being told there was no reason not to return to work despite not being released to go back to work by 3 medical doctors. Mr. Doskey wrote a letter and had the first check plus back pay within a week!

Kevin S.



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