Representing clients with Social Security Disability denial cases nationwide.


At Doskey Law, PLC, you speak to an attorney about your case, not a paralegal or assistant. Many larger firms do not give you direct access to your attorney.


When Mr. Doskey wins your appeal and you are placed back on monthly benefits, the attorney fee is based on the past-due benefits only, unlike some firms that charge fees on future monthly benefits.


Practicing in the areas of Disability Insurance Law, Insurance Litigation, Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury since 1997.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies about 70% of all initial Social Security disability applications.

In addition to having to deal with a life–altering disability these claimants now face a frustratingly long delay in obtaining wrongfully denied and desperately needed benefits.

For 22 years Ed Doskey has represented disabled workers in state and federal courts.

He will review your SSDI or SSI denial and decide what information is needed to appeal it and ultimately represent you at a hearing with an administrative law judge with the SSA, if necessary. It is his goal to obtain past-due and future monthly benefits as quickly as possible.

Don’t delay.

If you get a denial from the SSA you have only 60 days to file your appeal. If you miss this deadline you will lose your right to appeal. If you receive a denial of your SSDI or SSI claim, please call Ed Doskey immediately.

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Receiving a denial from the SSA is certainly frustrating but usually it is not the final word on your claim.

Ed Doskey can take you through the appeals process with the Social Security Administration all the way through a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. Call him at 504-684-4473 or contact us online to schedule your free case review.

Ed Doskey

Why You Need Disability Attorney, Edward Doskey


Ed Doskey can help you navigate the minefield of loopholes, exclusions and excuses used to deny valid claims for benefits. He is familiar with the fine print in disability insurance policies and the tactics the insurance companies use to deny valid claims. If your claim is denied Mr. Doskey has the experience needed to handle the appeal process, and, if necessary, to sue the insurance company to obtain benefits.

Personal Attention

At Doskey Law, PLC, you speak to an attorney about your case, not a paralegal or assistant.

No Attorney Fees on Future Monthly Payments

When Mr. Doskey wins your appeal and you are placed back on monthly benefits, the attorney fee is based on the past-due benefits only, unlike some firms that charge fees on future monthly benefits.

Areas Of Practice

  • Social Security Disability Denials
  • Denied Life Insurance Claims
  • Denied Insurance Claims
  • Denied Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Claims
  • Denied Short Term Disability (STD) Claims
  • Monthly Benefit Cut-offs & Terminations

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Top Rated Lawyer

When I first began to practice law, Ed Doskey took the time to teach me some of what he knows. In my years of experience in the legal field, I have never met anyone more knowledgeable nor anyone with as much compassion for his clients. It would take an entire lifetime to learn everything that this person has to teach. A zealous advocate, a scholar, and a talented New Orleans musician. By hiring Ed Doskey, you will be hiring the best person to represent and protect your interests.

John S.

He is a wonderful, knowledgeable, caring attorney. He did an outstanding job representing me in dealing with a major corporation. I recommend him to anyone who needs his services.

Sandy M.

Mr. Doskey did an outstanding job of representing me during my disability mediation. He took charge and handled every aspect when I needed help the most and won me a full judgment. His hard work and sharp abilities as well as his client care was phenomenal. I will always recommend Mr Doskey to those in need.

Jill S.

We were fighting with disability for months and kept being told there was no reason not to return to work despite not being released to go back to work by 3 medical doctors. Mr. Doskey wrote a letter and had the first check plus back pay within a week!

Kevin S.



If your insurance company has denied your benefits or if you have applied for benefits and have not received an answer promptly, contact me right away.

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