LTD insurance and SSDI are similar to each other in many ways. Both disability plans require claimants to make a written application for benefits and, if denied, the insurance company, like the Social Security Administration, issues a written reason for the denial and explains the claimant’s appeal options. While the claim evaluation processes may be similar, insurance policies or plans do not necessarily define “disability” the same way the Social Security Administration does. It is very important to refer to your insurance policy or plan to see just how disability is defined. Even more important, unlike the Social Security Administration, an LTD insurance carrier may be financially motivated to deny your claim. After all, the less benefits an insurance company pays out, the more money it can keep for itself. For this reason, it is often advisable to contact an experienced disability attorney before you make your claim.

Why You Need Disability Attorney, Edward Doskey

  • Experience. Ed Doskey can help you navigate the minefield of loopholes, exclusions and excuses used to deny valid claims for benefits. He is familiar with the fine print in disability insurance policies and the tactics the insurance companies use to deny valid claims. If your claim is denied Mr. Doskey has the experience needed to handle the appeal process, and, if necessary, to sue the insurance company to obtain benefits.

Mr. Doskey is licensed to practice in Florida and Louisiana.

  • Personal Attention. At Doskey Law, PLC, you speak to an attorney about your case, not a paralegal or assistant.
  • No Attorney Fees on Future Monthly Payments. When Mr. Doskey wins your appeal and you are placed back on monthly benefits, the attorney fee is based on the past-due benefits only, unlike some firms that charge fees on future monthly benefits.

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  • Denied Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Claims
  • Denied Short Term Disability (STD) Claims
  • Monthly Benefit Cut-offs & Terminations

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